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The culture is live. It is our knowledge.


Culture is in each day, in everywhere. We see it in books, music, cinema, sport, architecture, paints… 
We can learn a lot of each different cultures too.
Culture give us respect and a different way to see the world. In consequence, culture is a manner of education. Everybody relation a cult person with one who is educated. Inclusive the dictionary says it.
So, why does anybody worry about the culture part on the education in our country?
It has a very important part of the children’s growing. Everyday they learn maths, many languages and science but they don’t learn about the importance of arts. Of course they know how to paint or play a flute but they don’t understand how much the culture is important. The politicians should make a drastical change.
If children one day change the mode of see this world, it will change with them.


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